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Current route information ( Bus #’s are subject to change, please watch for route names in the bus window)

The following is a list of our high school routes and the direction they travel. The starting time for each route is provided and all buses arrive at the high school at approximately 7:05 AM. The bus/routes travel the same direction all school year. This information will help you estimate the approximate time of pick-up for your student. The high school provides Wittenberger Bus Company with student information and they set up appropriate routes for students who are registered and eligible for transportation. Students in subdivisions get picked up on near-by corners. Buses cannot stop at every house, or go down every road. Please review the following routes. We are looking forward to transporting you this fall. *PM ROUTES MAY BE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT THAN THE AM ROUTES.

Ashippun 50 AM & 12 PM   (PM-1st bus, back of HS)

First stop at 6:22 AM Hwy P and MM, west on MM, south on 67 to  Ledge, south on EE, west on MM to Davidson Rd, thun around, north on Kohler Rd, east on Indian, south on EE, east on Taft, north on 67, east on Adams. North on P, to Paine, south on Cherry, east on Filmore, north on Resthaven, east on Saylesville, to Lee Road and then to school.

Pike Lake 70 AM &  66 PM (PM 2nd bus, back of HS)

First stop 6:10 AM at High Rd. and Hwy 60. South on Teri, to Lake, and 2nd St. and return to  60. East on 60 to Kissel Ridge Subdivision. West on 60, south on K, into Eagle Point, turn around, then south on K East on E to Rolaine Pkwy, turn around, east on E, south on Kettle Moraine, west on Waterford, south on Hwy K. East on Pleasant Hill, south on CC, West on Shannon, north on K Into Log House. West on E North on Hwy 83, west on Lee, into Hillcrest Sub., then to school. (Students on Shannon Rd. ride Plat Bus home) (Students in Hillcrest Sub, ride Plat Bus and are dropped at entrance on Lee Rd.)

Druid Lake 68 AM  & 63 PM (Pm-3rd bus, back of HS)

First stop at 6:18 AM at Elmwood and Waterford, west to Taylor Rd., then to Lough Ln & Druid Lake Rd. South on Galway, west on Garvey to Rolephson, south on Resthaven, to Harding, to  Hwy O east to Hwy 167 east to Dublin , south to Donegal, east to Kilkee to Kanturk and back to Donegal. North on K, west on 167, north on 83, east on Lee, south on Meadow, Turn around and go to school. (PM – St. Patricks and Erin Mt. Pass ride Monches Rte.)

Friess Lake 66 AM (60 PM-4th bus, back of HS) Sign will be in window

First stop at 6:15 AM at Country Sq. and Pleasant Hill. South on Fieldstone follow through to Hwy 164 then go south. West on Hubertus Rd. South on Wejegi to Kerechun back to Hubertus. North on Sonseearay, turn around at Ct. Return to Hubertus Rd and go through Murray Lane Subdivision. Return to Hubertus Rd. North on Friess Lake Dr. East on Lake Dr. to Lakeview and return to Friess Lake, East on Lake to Lakeview and return to Friess Lake Dr. West on Hwy 167, north on Hwy CC to Fox Hollow, west on Powder Hill, west on Waterford, continue on Hwy E to 83, then to school.

Hubertus West 71 AM (71 PM-8th bus, back of HS)

First stop 6:23 AM at @ 164 and 167 east, south on Mayfield, west on Hubertus Rd, south on St. Hubert’s Dr., turn around. East on Hubertus, to corner of Sunny Dale Ct. Continue east on Hubertus to Heather Hill Dr. North around drive then to Mount Ln, east to Moraine, south on Mount,  south on Oak, to Highview. North on Mayfield, east on 67, turn around @ Loggers Park. 167 west, north on Mayfield to Conestoga, return to 167,  then to school.

Hubertus South/Bark Lake 55 (57PM-6th bus, back of HS)

First stop at 6:15 AM on Ravine Ridge, east on Elmwood Rd., South on Scenic Rd. east on Bark Lake Rd. Turn around @ Amy Belle Ln. Return to Scenic, north to corner of Country Highland, Oakwood Manor, and Hill ‘n’ Dale Roads. West on Hubertus, north Parkview, west on Prairie turn around at Hilltop View. East on Prairie, west on Bell Tower, north on Holy Hill Ln. West on 167, north on 164 then to school.

Herman 75 (PM-7th bus, back of HS)

First stop at 5:55 AM at Arthur Rd. & U, north on Hwy U, north on PS, east on Nevada, north on Idaho, west on DW. North on Pierce & turn around, west on 33, south on AY, east on Rock, south on Townhall, east on Iowa, north on P to Buchanan, east on Illinois, south on U, east on S, south on Level, south on North Main into Hartford, then into school.

Hubertus North 72 (PM-8th bus, back of HS)

First stop at 6:15 AM on Pleasant Hill Rd (east of Hwy 164) then east to Scenic Rd, and south to Turnwood.  North on Woodsfield Dr., north on Longfield, Turn around at Cora Ln.  North on Fieldcliff, south on White Pine Trail. Hwy 167 east to Scenic. South on Scenic and into Overlook west. South on Scenic, west on Hubertus, south on  Hillside, to Maple Grove and Woodview Dr. Back to Hillside, north to Coopers Hawk and Vista Moraine. Return to Hillside and south to Pleasant Hill, then to school.

Plat 64 (PM-9th bus, back of HS)

First stop at 6:08 AM at Hwy Q & Monches Rd. South St. Augustine, west on Tory, turn around, north on St. Augustine. East on Monches Rd., south on Sherman east on Hwy Q, north on Plat, east on Monches Rd. south on Belvedere go through subdivision, north on Winchester Pass through subdivisions, return to Plat go north, east on Elmwood, to Browning, Remington, and Jamesway Pass. Turn around, west on Elmwood, to Oconobanks, to St. Augustine, west on 167, north on 83 then to school.

Monches 73 (47PM-10th bus, back of HS)

First stop 5:58 AM on Hwy 83 south of O. South on 83, west on Cork, turn around, South on 83, west on Roosevelt, north on Washington Rd, east on O, east on Roosevelt, South on Erin Rd. turn around, east on Roosevelt, south on Clare, south on Killarney, east on County Line, north on 83, west on Glen Erin, east on Clare, south on 83, east on Q. North on K, west on Dublin, east on Tipperary, north on E Tara Hill, west on O’Connell, north on W Tara Hill to Kings Rd. and Heather. Return to O’Connell and out to K, south on K, east on Emerald, north on Donegal, north on K, west on 167, north on 83 to school.

Richfield 49 AM & 72 PM (PM-11th bus, back of HS)

First stop at 6:08 on Pleasant Hill Rd east of Scenic, to 175 south to Skyline Dr, west to Sunrise, to Kettle Moraine Pkwy and back to 175. South on 175, east on Hubertus, north on Town Line to Maple Terrace and return to Hubertus Rd. West on Hubertus, north on Scenic, west on Windy Knoll, to Wolf’s Run, to 167. West to Kettering Ridge, then back to 167. Continue west on 167, to Riverview Dr. 167 west to 83, then to school.

St. Lawrence 65 (PM- 2nd bus, front of HS)

First stop 6:20 AM at Rettler Farm Estates, north on U, east on Arthur, north on 175, west on S, south on 83.  East on Clover, south on Ernst, turn around. Clover to Kettle Moraine, to Hilldale, west on Briarwood, west on Honeysuckle, south on Lone Oak. South on Hwy K Monroe and to school. (Students on Honeysuckle & Briarwood Ln. will  ride the Pike Lake bus home) PM – STUDENTS FOR WACKER DR. & CLEVELAND, AND CLEVELAND & AIRPORT DR. WILL RIDE  THE RUBICON RTE. PM – STUDENTS FOR WACKER & BROADMOORE, BRIDLEWOOD & AIRPORT WILL RIDE IRON RIDGE.

 Rubicon/Woodland 56 AM & 49 PM (PM-3rd bus, front of HS)

First stop at 6:13 AM, at Lilly & N, south on P to Rolling Hills, east on 60, north on Rome Rd. North on P, west on Grant, north on 67, WS into Woodland. Turn around at Woodland Rd., back to 67 to Moss Rd. Turn around on Moss. South on Hwy 67, right on Butler Rd., east on Oaklawn, south on 67, east on Hwy 60, south on Jefferson, east on Pond, north on Resthaven, east on 60, and into school. ALL POND RD RIDE NEOSHO PM    PM DROP @ WACKER & CLEVELAND, CLEVELAND AND AIRPORT DR.

Iron Ridge 57 AM & White Van PM (PM-4th bus, front of HS)

First stop at 6:05 AM at Hwy NP & Butler Rd., west on Butler, north on Lilac, east on Woodland, south on Astor, east on Butler, north on St. John, east on Woodland, north on P, west on S, north on Astor, east on AY/Illinois, north on Pierce, east on Iowa, south on Townhall to P. East on Illinois, south on Buchanan and turn around, east on S, south on Goodland, east on Arthur, south on U, east into HS. PM DROPS @ WACKER & BROADMORE, BRIDLEWOOD AND AIRPORT.

Neosho 67 AM & 67 PM (PM-1st bus, front of HS)

First stop  6:25 AM at Saylesville Rd. and P, south on P, West on Hwy NN, to Hwy 67, to Station Rd, to Eldonna. Turn around. North on Hwy 67 to Riverview Dr. west on Elmwood north on Hale, to Lehman, east on Hwy 60, south on Hwy 67. East on Pond, south on Jefferson, east on Saylesville, north on Resthaven, east on Pond, then to school. ALL OF POND RD. RIDES NEOSHO PM

Buses drop off students in the back of the school and parents will be drop students off in the front of the building in the morning. The attached diagram shows the after school bus line up. This procedure will be used for the entire school year. ============================================================== BUS #’S ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. WATCH FOR SIGNS IN THE BUS WINDOW WITH ROUTE NAME CHECK FOR ANY UPDATES IN LATE AUGUST @ www.wittenbergerbus.com Updated: 08/21/2016

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