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Joint #1

Hartford Joint #1: www.HartfordJt1.k12.wi.us

Current route information


The School District of Hartford Jt. # 1 contracts with Wittenberger Bus Service to transport 885 children to and from school daily; logging an average of 1080 miles per day. There are 12 regular routes and 6 special routes. The District also provides transportation for field trips, extracurricular activities and special events. When combining the totals, 2019 students are transported yearly driving over 200,000 miles.


The School Board has approved the use of video cameras on school buses for the primary purose of ensuring health and safety of bus riders. If problems develop in the areas of students misconduct, disciplinary problems or vandalism, the school principals in conjuction with bus personnel will determine the need for video cameras.


Students will only be transported by school bus to school and to a regular pick up or drop off location. It is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian to inform the School District and Wittenberger Bus Service of the regular pick up or drop off locations.
Students living in the City of Hartford will not be transported by school bus from school to a babysitter’s home outside the City limits or to another part of the City, or from a babysitter’s residence to school.

Routes are listed for all of Hartford Joint #1 routes. If you are new to the area, please read the routes over carefully and pick the one that is closest to your home. You should be able to figure out approximate time from this listing. If the bus goes past your home make sure your student is standing out at the end of your driveway plenty of time before your bus is scheduled to come by. If the bus doesn’t go past your home, please go to one of the scheduled stops so we don’t miss you.

Routes will travel the same direction throughout the school year. If your child will not require bus transportation, please contact Wittenberger Bus Service at (673-3777) or info@wittenbergerbus.com. If your child lives within the City of Hartford and you desire bus transportation, please contact Wittenberger Bus Service. (There ia charge for City Bus service).

Route names and animals or colors will be posted in the bus windows. ROUTES BELOW SHOW A.M. ROUTES FIRST AND PM ROUTES SECOND.

North-East Route (Butterfly) 35

First stop 7:20 a.m. Hwy 83 North to Clover, east to Ernst Dr., east to Kettle Moraine, then south to Hilldale Dr., west to Serenity, turn around at Wilderness & return to Hilldale, south to Briarwood and Honeysuckle Subdivision. Wilson to Loos St. A.M. bus drops at Central, and Rossman School.

North Route (Starfish) 68

First stop 7:20 22 a.m. On 83 north of Arthur Rd., turn around on 83, and go south to Arthur Rd. east on Arthur Rd. South on Bramblewood, turn around, east on Arthur, turn around, west on Arthur, go up St. Lawrence turn around and continue on Arthur. South on Hwy 83, Mueller Dr. then into Hartford. A.M. to Central Only.

Park Knoll Rte (Monkey) 65 AM

First stop 7:35 a.m. Wacker & Airport east on Broadmoore, Foxtail, Broadmoore, Park Knoll, west on Cleveland, Broadmoore to Wacker to Rettler Farms for Central students only. Cleveland, Falcon, Wacker A.M. to Central only. See P.M. routes below.

Pike Lake Route (Whale) 66

First stop 7:18 a.m. 700 block of Hwy 60. East on 60 to Teri. South on Teri, to Zuern Dr., Lakeview, and to Lake Dr., to Second St. and to High Street, and return to Hwy 60. East to Teri Lane North, back to Hwy 60, south on Otto, west on Wayside. West on 60. South on K, east on Monroe. A.M. to Central and Rossman School. See P.M. route below.

Borlen Farms (Octopus) 48

First stop 7:17 At Wacker Dr. & Stonecrop, Bridlewood to Saddle, then North on U, east on S, South on Level, east then south on K, east on Pleasant Run, enter into Borlen Farms, south on Big Ben, follow through subdivsion, and return out to Hwy K south. To Central & Rossman Schools. See PM routes below.

Settlement Ridge (Frog) 62 AM Central Only AM

First stop 7:40 a.m. (Central Students ONLY, Rossman students ride 63AM pay route) @ Violet Ave., and Elm St., East on St. Kilian Pkwy, west on Settlement Rd (east end), north on Center St., east on Partridge, south on Hwy K. Main & Prospect, Main & Rossman, Main & High St. A.M. to Central. See P.M. routes below.

South-East Route (Dog) 47

First stop 7:15 a.m. South on Hall Rd from K, east on E, north on K, east on E to Rolaine Parkway Subdivision and Glassgo Dr. Return to E to K to Eagle Point Rd. turn around, return to K, right on Monroe (Autumn Ridge Sub), turn around at cul du sac on Monroe, Return to K north. To Happy Hollow Day Care, and Simon Subdivsion. A.M.to Central & Lincoln School. See P.M. routes below.

Toland Route (Bear)

First stop 7:18 a.m. Cherry Rd., east on Filmore, south on Resthaven, east on Rolephson, to Robin Ridge and Bluebird, out to Galway, north on Galway, east on Druid Lake Rd., north on 83, west on Waterford, to Elmwood Rd. North to Lee, to Hillcrest Subdivision to Central School. Lincoln students to bus 56. Then to Rossman school. See PM routes below.

Rettler Farms (Turtle) 60 AM

First stop 7:40 a.m. Wacker & Airport West on Wacker Dr., south on Falcon Dr., east on Cleveland Ave. Stops at all intersections. A.M. to ROSSMAN ONLY See P.M routes below.

Northview Trail, Summerwind and Chapel Hill  56

This route will pick up pay students and Central students over 2 miles in Summerwind, and Chapel Hill pay students. (Dinosaur) 50

First stop 7:20 a.m. on Powder Hill Rd. West on Powder Hill, west on Waterford. South on K, east on Pleasant Hill, south on CC, west on Shannon, north on K to Log House & return to K north. West on E, north on 83, to Meadow Lane. To Central School. Lincoln students transfer to (Dog  Bus). See P.M. route below.

Kissel Ridge 55 AM ONLY

First stop 7:30 a.m. @ Otto Drive, north to Wayside Dr. Wayside & Bradford Ct. West on Kissel Dr. South on Beatrice, to Wayside & Otto, out to 60, Hwy K to Monroe to Hawthorne Dr. This route may pickup overflow from other subdivisions, if needed. PM – Pike lake Bus. See PM buses below.

City children will get picked up at corners along the routes that are listed. They will not receive door to door service.

Central Students living north of Hwy 60 within the city limit, will have district paid for transportation to Central School.

Central East Route (AM ONLY)

First stop 7:43 a.m. @ Riverbend & Wilson Ave., west on Union with stops @ 8th, 6th, 4th, 2nd, and Main St., south on Main and to Central School.

Central West Route (AM Only)

Central students in the area of High, Forest, Elm & Rossman will ride the Central city route a.m. @ no charge. Central students along Main Street will ride the Settlement Route to school @ no charge. (See Route descriptions Above).

Central City #63 (PURPLE PM ONLY)

Riverbend & Wilson, Union @ 8th, 6th, 4th, 2nd, & Main, north on Main, west on Prospect, to Forest, Rossman & State.

P.M. Drop Offs Before Central Pick Ups

Rossman P.M. Buses (line up order)

  1. 1) North-East (Butterfly) Bus # : will take students to Riverbend Dr. and Sycamore Tree. .
    2) Rettler Farm Route–Turtle Bus # 34: will take students directly to Rettler Farms and make drop offs along Wacker Dr., Falcon Dr., and Cleveland Ave. Then to Central
    3) North Route – 68 (Starfish):  will take students directly to Happy Hollow, Then to Central.
    4) Borlen Farm Route -48 – (Octopus): will take students to Park Knoll and Prairie Crossing, (PAY RIDERS)   Drops will be at Park Knoll and Cleveland, Broadmoore & Woodruff, Broadmoore & Foxtail. Wacker & Bridlewood. To Central

Lincoln P.M. Buses (line up order)

  1. 1) Will go directly to Sycamore Tree.
    2) Holy Hill Route – 50 – Dinosaur: Will take students directly to Monroe Ave & Wheelock (this stop is for city pay riders), Chapel Hill Simon Drive to Patton Drive and drop off at Happy Hollow. Then to Central
    3) Bear Route: # 49  Will take Students directly Boys & Girls Club, and Pond Road. Then to Central .

Central PM Buses (line up order)

  1.  North Route: # 68 Hwy 83 north town, St. Lawrence Lane, Bramblewood Subdivison, Arthur Rd.
  2.  Holy Hill: # 50 Meadow Lane, 83 South of town, Hwy E, Hwy K, Log House, Shannon, Pleasant Hill, Powder Hill, Waterford Rd.
  3.  CITY PAY BUS # 51 (Cat) Monore Ave, Wheelock, Van Buren, Wilson, Timberline, Misty Meadows, Loos St.
  4.  Toland: # (Bear) Hillcrest Sub. 83 south of E, Hwy O, Washington Rd., Harding, Resthaven, Rolephson, Robin Ridge, Bluebird,    Cherry
  5.  North-East Rte: (Butterfly) Sell Dr., Honeysuckle, Briarwood, Hilldale Dr. Wilderness, Serenity, Cricket, Badger, Clover, Ernst Dr.
  6.  Pike Lake: # 66 (Whale) Hwy 60 near Pike Lake, Teri Lane, Zuern, Lakeview, Lake Drive, First, Second, High, Otto, Wayside,  Kissel.
  7.  South-East Rte: # 47 (Dog) Simon Subdivision, Happy Hollow, Autumn Ridge, Eagle Point, Rolaine Pkwy, Glassgo Dr.
  8.  Park Knoll: #  (Monkey) Pond Rd, Wacker, Cleveland, Park Knoll, Woodruff, Foxtail, Broadmoore, Dream Center.
  9.  Settlement Ridge: #  (Frog) North Main St. & High, Rossman & Prospect. Main & Settlement, Partridge, Center, St. Kiliain Pkwy,  Elm, Violet, Spruce.
  10. Borlen Farms: # 48 (Octopus) Borlen Farms, Pheasant Run, Hwy U.
  11. Rettler Farms: # 34 (Turtle) Wacker& Bridlewood, Wacker, Falcon, Cleveland, Hwy U, east on Arthur, McKinley Rd.