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High School Bus Conduct Rules

Transporting your child/children must be accomplished in the safest and best way possible. The responsibility for this task lies in the hands of the school bus drivers who must keep order on the bus while safely driving your child/children to and from school. Disruptive riders could endanger the safety of the entire bus. With the safety and welfare of your child/children in mind, the Board of Education has established Policy #8600 Transportation and these specific bus guidelines are covered in the Parents/Student Handbook. Parents and students must realize that the school bus is an extension of the classroom and student must abide by these rules.

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Policy and Guidelines for Transportation and Bullying

Transportation #8600     http://www.neola.com/hartforduhs-wi/search/policies/po8600.htm
Bullying Policy:  http://www.neola.com/hartforduhs-wi/search/ag/ag8600.htm
Bullying Administrative Guideline:            http://www.neola.com/hartforduhs-wi/search/policies/po5517.01.htm