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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions. Click on the question to see the answer! If you have a question and it’s not on the list, please feel free to email us.

Q: Who decides if school is cancelled?

A: Our High School District Administrator makes the final decision after discussing it with area law enforcement, county officials, other school administrators, bus company management and weather services. The school calls the local radio (WTKM AM 1540 & FM 104.9) and television (WTMJ CH 4) stations. WTMJ AM 620 and WKTI FM94.5 are also notified by the district. The HUHS web site (www.huhs.org) as well as our web site will carry the information on closings and delays. Please check these areas first as our company needs to call all of our employees to notify them of the situation. Your help in NOT calling our office on those mornings is appreciated.


Additional resources for school closing informaiton:
WDJT Channel 58
WISN Channel 12
WITI Channel 6
Wisconsin Radar
Wisconsin Roads

Q: When there is a late start, what time does my bus pick me up?

A: Usually the school will run a 2 hour delay start. Whatever the delay time is, simply add it to your normal pickup time. If you normally get picked up at 7:02am, when there is a 2 hour delay, your pickup time will be 9:02am.

Q: I don't normally ride the bus but I need to tomorrow. How do I find out when I'll be picked up?

A: Go back to our home page and select your school district from the menu. All the routes are listed. There are starting times and route descriptions. Most routes average an hour in length, so if you are about half way through the route, add a half an hour to the starting time to get an estimate of your pickup time. Better yet, call a neighbor that rides the bus and ask them what time they get picked up. If all else fails, email or call us ahead of time and we will get you the information.

Q: Why isn't school dismissed early when the weather gets bad?
A: Several things factor into calling off school early. Safety of the students is the number one consideration. In today’s trying economic times, many families have both parents working and are not able to get home a few hours early to meet their younger students. In these situations, children will need to be dropped off at alternative sites such as daycare centers or sitters homes. Another factor to consider is that all of the bus drivers may not be available at certain times of the day. As long as the schools stagger the dismissal times, we can usually provide enough drivers for the situation. A lot of times these drivers will be substitute drivers who normally don’t drive that particular route, and may not be familiar with your students or the roads in your area. A third consideration is the snow plow drivers. They usually wait till the snow ends before trying to “clean up” the roads. The city, town and county maintenance departments know that the buses are out at 2:30 and will make efforts to have the roads as passable as can be, given the difficult weather situation. When we decide to go early, they are generally NOT prepared for us and we often end up going out on the roads in their worst possible condition. With these factors in mind, we are more likely to delay the start of school or cancel it completely rather than call school off early. Remember that you as a parent may pick your child up from school, or keep your child home if you feel it is a dangerous situation.
Q: A school bus let some children off in the city and didn't use its red flashing lights. Should I report this?

A: A school bus must use its red flashing warning lights and stop sign any place there is no curb, gutter and sidewalk on both sides of the road. In other words any rural location. The city of Hartford has a city ordinance that allows school buses to use the red flashing warning lights and stop sign in the city (where there is curb and sidewalk) whenever a student may have to cross the road, allowing them to stop traffic so the student may cross safely. If the School bus is pulled over to the side of the road with only the HAZARD (four way flashers) lights on, you may legally pass the bus as NO CHILDREN WILL BE CROSSING THE ROAD. Never pass a school bus with its red warning lights on and the stop arm extended.

Q: My student keeps getting teased on the bus. What can be done?

A: Please have your student report the behavior to the driver as they are loading or unloading at the school. The driver can report serious behavior problems to the school, and the misbehaved student may be removed from the bus for a period of time. It helps to have the student’s name. For less serious problems, the driver may opt to remove your student from the situation by assigning seats far enough away from the troublesome student.

Q: I think my student was punched on the bus. Can we look at the video tape and see who did it?

A: All of our buses have the capability of recording video tapes of the bus ride. The bus company will review the tapes when problems arise and share the results with the school administrator. In extreme situations tapes may be shared with the offending student’s parents. Due to the privacy act, they are not available for public viewing.

Q: My student left something on the bus. How can I get it back?
A: The bus driver keeps any found objects on the bus so the student may claim the article the next day. Hats, gloves, jackets, books, are all kept on the bus for a week or two. Wallets, purses, and band instruments are brought in the secure building over night and can be returned to the student the next day. If you absolutely need it now…call. Some of our drivers keep their buses at home rather than at the bus lot, so you may need to pick it up elsewhere. We arrive here at 5:30am so we usually leave by 4:30pm.
Q: I call the bus company office and keep getting an answering machine. Are you folks EVER there?

A: You are probably calling during route time. Due to illness, vacations, or extracurricular trips, our office and shop personnel often need to fill in on morning and afternoon routes. Our office hours are 5:30am to 4:30pm. Routes run from 6:00am to 8:30am and again in the afternoon from 2:30pm to 4:30pm. The best time to reach us by phone is from 9:00am till 2:00pm. Please leave us a message and we will return your call.

Q: When there is a late start, what time does my bus pick me up?
A: Usually the school will run a 2 hour delay start. Whatever the delay time is, simply add it to your normal pickup time. If you normally get picked up at 7:02am, when there is a 2 hour delay, your pickup time will be 9:02am.

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